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1 Yost Photography
Jim Yost

Contact Jim for any professional architectural, outdoor landscape or portrait photography needs. Jim is one of the best professional photographers I know.
2 River North Environmental Testing
3650 Chestnut Place
Denver, CO 80216

RNET laboratories provides asbestos and microbial analysis to support environmental investigations. Utilizing PLM, PCM, and TEM techniques, RNET assesses bulk building materials and air samples for your testing needs. RNET can also help homeowners directly. Call or visit the RNET website for more information.
3 American Abatement
Elaine Downey
4340 Broadway
Denver CO 80216

Contact Elaine Downey tell her that Ben Teague referred you. American Abatement can take care of all your asbestos or mold removal needs.
4 $99 Dollar Rooter
Joe Greenburg
1694 W. Hamilton
Sheridan CO 80110

Joe Greenburg owns 99 Dollar Rooter and performs video inspection of waste drain lines for $99. Call Joes office to schedule an inspection...
5 Aluminum Wire Repair
Bob Molinaro
Office: 720-299-4706
Cell: 303-619-7667
3140 S. Peoria St. Ste. 115
Aurora, CO 80114

Aluminum Wire Repair Inc. is an expert in aluminum to copper wire retrofit. They use the ONLY certified method proven to be an effective whole house retrofit of aluminum branch circuit wiring which is called the copalum crimp.
6 Countywide Heating & Plumbing
Joe Welk
P.O. Box 1596
Silverthorne CO 80498

County wide plumbing & heating services all Summit County Colorado businesses and residences. Call Joe and tell him Ben Teague referred you.
7 - Affordable Web Hosting and Web Design provides web hosting and web site design solutions for large and small companies around the world...


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