Asbestos Mold Testing Inspection

Ben Teague & Associates building inspectors and asbestos air monitoring specialists are experienced in fire and flood response cases where 24 hour disaster response is required. When fire and flood restoration contractors or building owners need immediate sampling and testing prior to cleanup activities, our building inspectors are on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

The following pictures illustrate the extensive damage that a small fireplace fire can cause to an entire complex. The fire destroyed the popcorn ceiling texture in the living room of this older building in Vail Colorado. The popcorn ceiling was 15% asbestos. The smoke carried the asbestos fibers into the attic and subsequently contaminated all adjoining units. The fire department FLOODED the buildings lower units, the water carried the asbestos down into the lower units and the buildings common crawlspace. The restoration activities could not be performed until a $120,000 dollar asbestos cleanup was performed first.


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