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Oriented Stranded Board - compressed wood chips to form a 4x8 sheet of material for use as sub-flooring roof decking or sub-siding - used as substitute for Ply-wood.


Occupational Safety & Health Administration, Federal U.S. - a federal regulatory agency responsible for enforcing U.S. worker safety laws.

Plan Review

The process of reviewing an architectural or structural design to verify code or manufacturers compliance.

Point Count

A method of analysis where a laboratory technician will move the subject sample around under the view of an optical microscope to acquire a more representative count of the subject for analysis (usually asbestos).


Refers to the act of repairing minor defects (scratched or blemishes) in a building prior to final release of the building to the permanent owner.

Regulated Materials

Materials deemed to be hazardous and are regulated by [LAW] regarding handling, removing, transporting and disposal.


To remove or reduce to an [acceptable] level - When used in context of construction activities such as mold removal.


Refers to the construction process where a SUB will prefabricate a portion of components and install in limited areas so other tradesman can perform subsequent adjoining work.


Renovation Repair & Paint - is a federal EPA law regulating the disturbance of lead in buildings older than 1978. Any contractor performing cutting sanding or scraping on surfaces in U.S homes, hospitals, day-care facilities or any other building older than 1978 where children will spend more than 40 hour per week must be RRP certified.


A concrete based material that is sprayed on a vertical slope (generally swimming pool walls) to provide a structural vertical wall of limited strength.


Subcontractor - a contractor who performs a specific scope of work such as roofing or plumbing, who works under the direction of a General Contractor.


A component such as a building, driveway, road or sidewalk which requires an engineered support.


Is the process of filling the joints between sheet-rock to be smooth and covering the entire surface with an appealing (subjective) cosmetic appearance.


The process of extending vents or other mechanical penetration out of the roof or side of a building.

Transite Material

Transite is a pressed or compacted material resembling concrete. The materials can be tile sub-surface boards or grey drain vent pipes. These materials can contain asbestos.

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