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Environmental Protection Agency - Federal U.S.

Expert Witness

An expert witness is a specialist with extensive experience in a particular field who will testify in a civil or criminal case in court. An expert witness cannot have been a witness to any occurrence relating to the case.


The base material (generally concrete) that is constructed on the bare soil designed to support a foundation wall.


A condition where a material can be reduced to airborne dust when subjected to normal hand pressure between the fingers of an average person.


General Contractor.


A concrete based material that is sprayed on a vertical slope (generally swimming pool walls) to provide a structural vertical wall of limited strength.

Home Inspection Services

Home inspection services are performed for home buyers to verify operable or inoperable components and to attempt to uncover deficiencies the home buyer would not have discovered prior to possession of the property.

Home Inspector

Real estate previews are generally limited to a few minutes. A home inspector is a person who performs a limited inspection of buildings for the purpose of assisting property buyers in real estate transactions. A home inspector can help a real estate buyer become aware of issues or problems that the buyer may not have been aware of when previewing a property with a real estate agent.


Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning.


International Building Code - refers to the construction [law] regarding any building NOT covered under the International Residential Code.


International Code Council - - the organization of industry professionals who develop construction laws, regulations and requirement for the purpose of construction and building.


International Residential Code - refers to the construction [law] specifically for the construction, fabrication, and installation of building components and materials for residential use construction.

Mechanical Penetration

A hole in the building facade where gas pipes or electrical conduit enters a building.


To remove contamination or control levels of contamination to an acceptable or regulatory compliant level (usually mold or radon gas).


National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants - refer to 40 CFR Part 61 & 63

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