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American Architectural Manufacturers Association -


The [complete] removal of - to completely and safely remove asbestos, lead or any other regulated material - When used in the context of construction, such as the process of removing hazardous or regulated materials.


American Institute of Architects -


A legal process substituted for a jury trail where a retired judge or attorney experienced in the specific subject matter will preside over the legal claim - decide liabilities and responsibilities including damages and monetary awards. Arbitration is binding and NO appeals are allowed. The arbitrators decision in all matters are final.


The architect is the person who is generally the primary contact by the property owner to design a building. The architect will be responsible to design the initial building layout and appearance and will coordinate with the appropriate engineers and officials to ensure compliance with other design or regulatory requirements.


Formerly - American Society for Testing and Materials - is now an internationally recognized organization developing and publishing technical standards for a vast range of materials products and services not limited to construction and building.

B/O - Building Official

The building Official is the chief enforcement officer working for a municipal jurisdiction to enforce building laws.

CGL Insurance

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance is the proper definition, however,- AKA Contractors General Liability Insurance when relating to construction industry.

Control Operation

Indicates a method of working (performing construction activities usually demolition) under a controlled environment where adjoining spaces are NOT connected or contaminated by the activities ongoing within the controlled area or space.


The area of a roof that overhangs the siding or side of a building.

Demolition Inspections and Permits

Demolition inspections and permits are required by federal and state law to insure that no asbestos will be transported to a landfill or disposed of in a way which may contaminate the invironment. Permits are required by law to verify compliance.


In the law of the United States, a deposition is the out-of-court oral testimony of a witness that is reduced to writing for later use in court or for discovery purposes. See Wikipedia.

Deputy Building Officials

In larger jurisdictions where one person can not provide adequate enforcement of building laws, the B/O will deputize other inspector to assist.

E/O Insurance

Errors and Omissions insurance is a policy which protects an entity from claims and judgements regarding mistakes made by the insured party.


A construction engineer will perform design calculations to ensure load and other criteria is adequate to building and occupant safety. Engineers can be scope specific such as Structural - Mechanical - Electrical - Geological - Etc.

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